Friday, August 27, 2010

Video for Atlassian Voice of the Customer

On August 26th, I was able to present my experience managing Confluence at my company with Atlassian's Voice of the Customer webinar series. You can check it out below or along with other videos on Atlassian TV.

 I had a great time and there were some wonderful questions at the end. Be sure to check it out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Webinar for Atlassian Voice of the Customer Series

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my knowledge of using Confluence at the next Voice of the Customer Webinar for Atlassian. You should register today!

From the announcement:

This Thursday, an Atlassian customer is going to share how they use Confluence. This is a must see webinar to learn about wiki adoption within an organization.

Charles River Analytics ( is a small research & development company delivering innovative solutions through intelligent systems. Please join us as Brad Rosenberg shares 1) how his company uses Confluence for knowledge management and team project collaboration, and 2) how a small group fosters wiki adoption, engagement and support. This is a must-see for any small business considering Confluence as a wiki solution or just looking for ideas on how to improve their practices.
I'm really excited to share some of my experiences with the Atlassian Community.

Embedding Internal Streaming Videos in Your Organization with Confluence

At my company, we run a seminar series where presenters get to show off some of the cool stuff they're working on. Often, these are outside speakers sharing their latest research. We also use it as an opportunity for our own staff to share knowledge with the company or use it as a broadcast mechanism for informing staff about a new policy or procedure.

This sort of thing isn't new, pretty much all organizations do it. Google posts their technical talks online and shares it with the rest of the world.

The trouble is, within our company, if you're not available to be present for the talk, you've lost out. Well, that's not cool. What if it was really critical to what you're working on? Or, what if you attended, but can't remember that one brilliant point the speaker made? What about new hires who weren't around at the time of the talk? Why does that knowledge have to be lost?

Quite simply, it doesn't. We recently started recording our seminars, purchasing a Flip Mino HD for the task. Simple to use, it produces wonderful videos in clear h.264 encoded MP4 files.

But here comes the problem, where to put these videos for everyone to find?