Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to Conflatulence, a Confluence User's In(digest)ion

The rise of web technologies has inspired new ways to collaborate, not just across the Internet as a whole, but also at the enterprise level. Wikis, web pages that anyone can edit, are a powerful way to manage knowledge across a company and break down communication barriers. One of the more popular pieces of enterprise wiki software is Atlassian Confluence. We use it at my company, and I gotta say, it's fantastic.

I'm Brad Rosenberg, and I'm a Confluence user. Welcome to Conflatulence.

What you'll find at Conflatulence is a collection of my experiences managing Confluence for a group of about 100 techies and non-techies for knowledge management and project collaboration. I'll discuss some of the ideas that keep rattling inside my brain, reflect on Confluence updates and trends, provide tips and tricks I've found to be helpful, and document my forays into Confluence plugin development.

It's my hope that Conflatulence will become a popular resource for other Confluence users and developers. Not only that, but I hope to use Conflatulence as a way to engage with the Confluence community, create lively discussions, and capture inspiring thoughts. So please, join in on the conversation.

Let's get started.

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